Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Episode 014 - Tammy Trent

Yes, it's true, I got a bit misty while I was talking with this week's guest, Tammy Trent, at The Frothy Monkey. But who wouldn't? If you're familiar with Tammy, you may already know about the loss of her husband back in September 2001. If that's all you know about her, though, then you're missing a lot of the story. 

I freely admit I was a bit apprehensive asking her about her husband, Trent. What could I ask? Would it be rude? Prying? Insensitive? Isn't it a bit weird for a (mostly) total stranger to expect you to open up about the most trying time of your life?

Sitting down with Tammy, though, any fears or reservations I had quickly disappeared. She has a warm air about her that immediately makes you feel comfortable, like catching up with a long lost friend. 

It wasn't her story of loss that made my eyes well up. It wasn't the tale of how she and Trent fell in love, knowing what was coming down the road, or hearing her tell about that fateful day the rest of us remember for a completely different reason. My eyes got watery when she talked about how now, surrounded by a joy and happiness only God can bring, she dances.


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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Episode 013 - Lane Wright

What do you think of when you think of Nashville? If your first answer wasn't "theater," then you're missing out on one of the lesser-talked-about gems of Music City. There's a vast and vibrant theater life bubbling below the glitz and glamour of music and boot-scootin-boogies. Lane Wright is the perfect person to introduce you to the life behind the Nashville curtain.

A native of the city (a pretty rare feat in itself!) and a lifelong lover of theater, Lane makes for an excellent tour guide through the vast history of the craft in Nashville. Both an actor and director, Lane has a real passion for supporting the arts and keeping them alive. For those who may not know what it takes to call yourself a professional actor, Lane sheds light on the struggles and triumphs that come with the life.

Lane and I sat down in his dining room where he was kind of enough to answer all of my questions with an enthusiastic smile. This is a guy who loves what he does and loves to share that passion with others.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 012 - Randall Goodgame

There seems to be a running theme in the people I talk with. When I listened back to myself telling Randall Goodgame what a nice guy he is, it struck me that I've said the same thing to a lot of my past guests. At first I wondered if it was some sort of interviewing crutch I never knew I had, but then it struck me: Maybe I'm just fortunate enough to have a lot of really nice acquaintances.

That's definitely the case with Randall Goodgame and you don't have to be with him long to realize it. Genuine, kind, quick to smile, and even quicker to laugh, Randall is one of those guys it's super-easy to root for. 

The night before our interview, Randall sent me a copy of his new album and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I was glad to have the chance to give him my feedback in person and he's humble and gracious when complimented. I could learn a thing or two from this guy.

We chatted in The Frothy Monkey in Franklin TN for almost an hour and then chatted for a little longer after the "official" interview was over. I was glad to have finally had the chance to hang out with him after hearing such good things from my past guests, Fred McNaughton and Lisa Landis. Something tells me you'll like hanging out with him, too.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Episode 011 - Lisa Landis

You might think you know Lisa Landis. Perhaps you listen to her on the air on WJTL's Get Up and Go Show or on The Kids Cookie Break. Perhaps you've bumped into her at the numerous local events she attends or maybe you just run into her each week at the Lancaster Farmer's Market. You may have written, talked to her on the request line, or even attended one of the many cool functions she and her husband John have held.

But do you know the whole story? Not just the middle part or the most recent part, but everything from beginning to end? Have you heard the one about the time(s) she was at the Saturday Night Live after party? Or the real reason she moved to Florida? Or which famous radio personality she worked for in New York City? Or what she would say - if anything - to Woody Allen if she saw him on the street?

The answers to all of those queries - and more - are here in the newest episode of Foot in the Door. From the very beginning as she fantasized about being Nancy Drew to the summer of 2013 where she experienced a very real brush with death, you'll love sitting down with Lisa and getting...the rest of the story.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Episode 010 - The Sweet Sorrows

A few weeks ago, our apartment was buzzing with a variety of accents and I loved it. My wife and I both have the standard Midwestern accent although mine has been distorted along the way by time spent in California, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia. And then, of course, there were my guests, The Sweet Sorrows, Sammy and Kylie Horner.

Sammy originally hails from Northern Ireland, spent some time in Scotland, moved to Canada, and has his eye on the States. Kylie comes to us via Australia with a brief childhood stopover in England for a few years.

Needless to say, the accents were music to my ears.

Of course, the accents aren't the only reason I love hanging out with the Horners; it's the fact that they're such great people. Real people. Down to Earth people. People with no time for messin' around people. My kinda people. And I like hanging around my kinda people.

I first met Sammy when he stopped by the WJTL trailer during the Creation festival in the late 90s. He was there with The Electrics and after that first encounter, I knew this was a guy with whom I wanted to stay in touch. Fortunately we continued to exchange emails riddled with inside jokes over the years and I was glad to finally get a chance to see him again. Not only was I stoked to see him perform live after what can only be described as way too long, I also got to meet his wife, Kylie. 

Sammy and Kylie are beautiful together and complement each other in every way, both on stage and off. My wife and I welcomed Sammy and Kylie to the house in early November and over a cup of coffee I got to learn not only about them and where they came from, but also about Ireland, life, art, who pulls Santa's sleigh in Australia, and who Jesus really was (Hint: He liked to party). It's a great episode that goes well with your favorite blend - or brew - and I'm happy to share our conversation.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Episode 009 - Gabriel Patillo

I think it's safe to say we've all experienced an unexpected turn or two in our lives. Things don't always turn out the way we expect them. Take me, for example. I moved to California when I was 21 years old with dreams of becoming the next Steve Martin who works with Steven Spielberg until eventually taking over Late Night from David Letterman.

Life didn't turn out anything like that. As it happens, I don't know how to play the banjo, comedy isn't Spielberg's forte (1941, anybody?), and some guy named Conan stole Dave's crown from me. 

My pal Gabriel Patillo also had no idea what was coming down the pike. Even when he looks back and recounts the tale of how he got where he is (husband, father, hype man for TobyMac, songwriter, and podcast host) he's still not always sure how everything happened. What he is sure of, though, is God has a sense of humor. 

Join me as Gabe does his best to explain how he got to do so many things he had no business doing. It's a fun ride and Gabe makes for a great storyteller.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Episode 008 - B. Reith

Episode 8 of the podcast is a little different from what you're used to. Yes, like many of the others, it's the story of a guy who loves music and moved to Nashville with a dream. But what happens when things don't go according to plan? What happens when things click and then...don't? Where do you go from there?

B. Reith answers - and wrestles with - these questions and more on the new episode and I love him for that. Where others may shy away from admitting things aren't always easy, B. Reith is frank and open about the struggles he faces not just as a singer/songwriter, but as an artist who strives to make good art.

Returning once again to Frothy Monkey in Franklin TN, B. Reith and I had a great conversation over some great cups of coffee. Grab a cup of your own, kick back, and join us for a real heart-to-heart conversation that covers some of life's trickier mysteries like goals, paths, and why Christian music sounds like it does.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Episode 007 - Brad Moist

How could I not like to hang out with a guy like Brad Moist?

Brad loves Lost. I love Lost.

Brad loves Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad.

Brad loves music, movies, TV, and pop culture. I love music, movies, TV, and pop culture.

Brad is a heckuva nice guy. I like hanging around people who are heckuva nice.

I sat down with Brad in his office at Gotee Records in Franklin, TN where we talked about the entire process of making a CD. Everything, from finding and signing bands to deciding on the track listing, is here and it's a nice insight into the process of how an album is made. 

When I talked to Brad, they had just finalized the brand new Jamie Grace album and, with all of his hard work behind him, he was relaxed and felt free to shoot straight (which really is just the way Brad is. I like that).

There's even a surprise guest in the very beginning in the form of James Katina and it perfectly captured a day in the life of being at Gotee Records. You never know who's gonna stop in next and you never know what kind of cool conversations you're going to find yourself in. This episode with Brad Moist has all of that, and so much more.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Episode 006 - Davy Baysinger

There's a place I like to call "Davy's Porch." Yes, there is a literal meaning (as in Davy Baysinger's front porch) but also one that goes deeper than that; a state of mind that can only be reached by having a deep, soul-touching conversation with Bleach frontman and Slospeak Records COO and A&R Head, Davy Baysinger.

It had been eight years since I last visited Davy's Porch and it was great to be back. I learned a lot about Davy that morning back in early October when I was able to once again sit down with my dear friend and just talk. Yes, I learned things about Davy and his life that I never knew before, little details about how a college illness paved the way for who he would become, but I also learned - or re-learned, actually - how much I love spending time with a guy like Mr. Baysinger. I think that's the first time I've referred to him as "Mr. Baysinger" and I'll admit it....it feels weird.

When I think of Davy, I think about the time we suited up to tend his bees (yes, he's a beekeeper), countless evenings playing Karaoke Revolution on the PlayStation, and an afternoon of mullet-spotting at Paramount's King's Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. But the one thing that stands out to me the most is how he went above and beyond the call of duty when I was going through a particularly difficult time in life.

Eight years have passed. I've gone through fire and Davy has too. Some things have changed; some a little and some a lot. But the one things that hasn't changed is how much I love being on Davy's porch. I missed it and man, it was nice to be back. I hope to get back soon but I've promised myself it won't be another eight years before I do. 

Grab a cup of coffee and join us. There's always room for one more. You can CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes or CLICK HERE to listen on Stitcher. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Episode 005 - Chris Hauser

Why do so many people love Chris Hauser as much as they do? Listen to Episode 5 of the podcast and it's not hard to find out why. With a happy eagerness to tell a story and a smile in his voice every step of the way, Chris makes it easy to settle in and lose track of the time.

I sat down with Chris over a cup of coffee at Frothy Monkey in Franklin, TN and, although I knew he had a lot of great stories, I had no idea how many gems were waiting to be shared. I had no idea he was such a pioneer in the radio promotions game and I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that whenever such phenomenal acts like Caedmon's Call, Delirious, Waterdeep, and Aaron Shust were bursting onto the scene, Chris was in the background doing his thing.

Chris tells his tales of rubbing elbows with a lot of people whose names you'll know but doesn't do it in a name-dropping way. Rather, he's a man of humility who can't believe some of the adventures in which he's been fortunate enough to play a part. 

Kick back, relax, and listen in to this discussion that covers the way radio works (and why), triumphant and not-so triumphant moments, and coming as close as a guy can get to marrying Amy Grant. You can CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes or CLICK HERE to listen on Stitcher. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Episode 004 - Joey Elwood

It's been nearly ten years since I've seen Joey Elwood and, after sitting down with him for nearly two hours in his office inside Gotee Records in Franklin, TN, I realized ten years is way too long to go without hanging out with a guy this cool to be around.

Joey founded Gotee Records along with his cousin Toby McKeehan (the name may ring a bell) and legendary producer Todd Collins (the three of them originally referred to as "The Gotee Brothers").

With a solid background in left and right-brained academia (he majored in business finance but preferred his literature classes), it's no wonder he's brings such a well-balanced presence to the very unbalanced world of the music industry.

During our time together, we touched on a variety of topics, including our predictions for the future of the industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who's interested in getting into music, regardless if you prefer to be behind the microphone or in the office. Joey openly talks about the challenges Gotee Records faced, pleasant surprises he experienced, the mis-steps taken along the way, and what they did to get back on course.

Join me for a candid look behind the scenes of life at (and running) a major indie record label. You can CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes or CLICK HERE to listen on Stitcher. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Episode 003 - Mitch McVicker

A couple of weeks ago I found myself sitting in a cabin in a campground in the middle of...well...I'm not exactly sure where I was but my GPS assured me I was still in Pennsylvania. 

I was there to sit down with my pal Mitch McVicker who was in town to do a few shows. I first met Mitch back in November of 1999 while I was working at WJTL. He and Brad Layher were in town and when I interviewed them on the air I had no idea it would be the beginning of a friendship I have truly come to cherish. 

Mitch and I kept in touch and the next time he was in town, I snagged him for an appearance on "The Eddie Daniels Internet Adventure," an online-only broadcast that was basically podcasting before there was such a thing as podcasting. Ever since, we've kept in touch and kept tabs on each other to make sure everything was cool with the other guy.

Often known as "the guy in the Jeep with Rich Mullins" during the tragic accident that took Mullins's life, there's a lot more to Mitch than most people know. I sat down with Mitch on a sunny Saturday morning to cover all of it: The basketball career that almost was, spray-painting his hair blonde, and never setting foot on the MARTA despite living in an Atlantan suburb.

This episode is now available and is a nice peek into the life of not just an independent singer/songwriter, but a truly Good Guy. You can CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes or CLICK HERE to listen on Stitcher. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Episode 002 - Nik Curtis Beal

Oh, man, am I stoked for you to hear my conversation with my dear friend, the one and only Nik Curtis-Beal. 

I met Nik while I was working at Gotee Records in Nashville and, although it seems everyone I meet has a great "Nik" story (adventure has a way of finding her), chances are you may not have heard the whole story.

We sat down a few weeks ago over a cup of coffee and what you are about to hear is what unfolded. I really think you'll like what Nik has to share about growing up in Montana with a rickshaw-pulling goat, her time in Nashville working with the amazing folks at Forefront and Gotee, and what she's been up to since she left the radio game. 

If you like good stories and you love to laugh while hearing them, this is the episode for you. Nik was kind enough to send me some photos to share of her home in Montana where she grew up as mentioned during the podcast. The first is a shot of the road leading to/away from her home, the second is a shot of her hometown, and the last is the ranch she called home as a child. Pretty cool stuff!

You can download and listen to the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or by listening with the player below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Episode 001 - Fred McNaughton!

Finally! The very first episode of Foot in the Door is available and ready to download!

What better place to start than...the place it all started. I began my foray into the CCM world at WJTL, a radio station in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It only made sense that I kick off this podcast series with the station's General Manager (and my dear friend) Fred McNaughton.

You may know Fred as the co-host of the Get Up and Go Show weekday mornings on WJTL or you may have heard your kids singing along with one of his children's albums (as Phredd). No matter how you know him - if at all - you'll enjoy this conversation about music, radio, running a radio station, performing with your children, and everything in between. 

And who knows, there may even be a Charlie Peacock story in there somewhere.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Launch Date!

Yep. That's right. The first "official" episode of Foot in the Door (and by "official" I mean "one with an actual interview") debuts Tuesday, October 1. If you haven't already, subscribe on iTunes today and then you'll have forgotten all about it and when October 1 comes around you'll have a new episode in your playlist and be like, "Oh yeah, that's right!" and it'll be a nice surprise and totally make your day.

Good times.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

More Introductions

I've recently added the "About" page so if you don't feel like listening to me babble by myself on the first episode of the podcast, you can read me rambling to myself, instead. Basically, it's a quick introduction to me, the podcast, and what I hope it becomes. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Episode 1 - Introductions

Before we get things going, let me take a few minutes to introduce myself and explain exactly what in the world Foot in the Door is. You can listen (and subscribe to) the podcast on iTunes right here or by using the player below.

Stay tuned!