Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Episode 007 - Brad Moist

How could I not like to hang out with a guy like Brad Moist?

Brad loves Lost. I love Lost.

Brad loves Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad.

Brad loves music, movies, TV, and pop culture. I love music, movies, TV, and pop culture.

Brad is a heckuva nice guy. I like hanging around people who are heckuva nice.

I sat down with Brad in his office at Gotee Records in Franklin, TN where we talked about the entire process of making a CD. Everything, from finding and signing bands to deciding on the track listing, is here and it's a nice insight into the process of how an album is made. 

When I talked to Brad, they had just finalized the brand new Jamie Grace album and, with all of his hard work behind him, he was relaxed and felt free to shoot straight (which really is just the way Brad is. I like that).

There's even a surprise guest in the very beginning in the form of James Katina and it perfectly captured a day in the life of being at Gotee Records. You never know who's gonna stop in next and you never know what kind of cool conversations you're going to find yourself in. This episode with Brad Moist has all of that, and so much more.

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