Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Episode 010 - The Sweet Sorrows

A few weeks ago, our apartment was buzzing with a variety of accents and I loved it. My wife and I both have the standard Midwestern accent although mine has been distorted along the way by time spent in California, New York, Tennessee, and Georgia. And then, of course, there were my guests, The Sweet Sorrows, Sammy and Kylie Horner.

Sammy originally hails from Northern Ireland, spent some time in Scotland, moved to Canada, and has his eye on the States. Kylie comes to us via Australia with a brief childhood stopover in England for a few years.

Needless to say, the accents were music to my ears.

Of course, the accents aren't the only reason I love hanging out with the Horners; it's the fact that they're such great people. Real people. Down to Earth people. People with no time for messin' around people. My kinda people. And I like hanging around my kinda people.

I first met Sammy when he stopped by the WJTL trailer during the Creation festival in the late 90s. He was there with The Electrics and after that first encounter, I knew this was a guy with whom I wanted to stay in touch. Fortunately we continued to exchange emails riddled with inside jokes over the years and I was glad to finally get a chance to see him again. Not only was I stoked to see him perform live after what can only be described as way too long, I also got to meet his wife, Kylie. 

Sammy and Kylie are beautiful together and complement each other in every way, both on stage and off. My wife and I welcomed Sammy and Kylie to the house in early November and over a cup of coffee I got to learn not only about them and where they came from, but also about Ireland, life, art, who pulls Santa's sleigh in Australia, and who Jesus really was (Hint: He liked to party). It's a great episode that goes well with your favorite blend - or brew - and I'm happy to share our conversation.

You can CLICK HERE to listen on iTunes or CLICK HERE to listen on Stitcher. Enjoy!

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