Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Episode 014 - Tammy Trent

Yes, it's true, I got a bit misty while I was talking with this week's guest, Tammy Trent, at The Frothy Monkey. But who wouldn't? If you're familiar with Tammy, you may already know about the loss of her husband back in September 2001. If that's all you know about her, though, then you're missing a lot of the story. 

I freely admit I was a bit apprehensive asking her about her husband, Trent. What could I ask? Would it be rude? Prying? Insensitive? Isn't it a bit weird for a (mostly) total stranger to expect you to open up about the most trying time of your life?

Sitting down with Tammy, though, any fears or reservations I had quickly disappeared. She has a warm air about her that immediately makes you feel comfortable, like catching up with a long lost friend. 

It wasn't her story of loss that made my eyes well up. It wasn't the tale of how she and Trent fell in love, knowing what was coming down the road, or hearing her tell about that fateful day the rest of us remember for a completely different reason. My eyes got watery when she talked about how now, surrounded by a joy and happiness only God can bring, she dances.


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