Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Episode 017 - Danielle Kimmey

The Foot in the Door podcast returns to The Frothy Monkey in Franklin, TN with a fun conversation with Danielle Kimmey. Although you may recognize her as the youngest sister from the musical group Out of Eden, there's a lot more to the story besides singing and dancing to some really cool songs (although that is definitely a part of her story)

I hadn't seen Danielle for close to 10 years and we picked up like a day hadn't passed. Danielle is quick to laugh - and make me laugh - and if you know me then you know I love hanging out with people who have their sense of humor firmly in tact. 

I enjoyed digging into Danielle's backstory and I relished this opportunity to find out more about her than I'd ever known. It was a great time together and I know you'll enjoy hearing the story of a group that was a true pioneer of the music industry (CCM or mainstream) in more than one sense of the word.


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