Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Episode 018 - Denice Hicks

When you meet Denice Hicks for the first time - or the first few times - you may think you have her pegged. Sweet, soft-spoken, kind, and gentle. Introverted yet quick to laugh, passionate and understanding. All of these are words that would apply, but those aren't the only words to describe her. I found this out during our interview and was pleasantly surprised more than a few times as each fun detail of Denice's life unfolded. 

Denice is the Artistic Director of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival and, seeing as how I'm pretty much a Shakespeare noob, I figured there was no better person to ask the questions that before I had been too embarrassed to bring up (or admit I didn't know). Never condescending and always excited to bring things down to a layman's level, Denice is the perfect person to guide someone into the vast world of The Bard.

I was super excited to see Denice again after an eight year hiatus and as soon as I was back in her kitchen (with her arsenal of teas and tea accessories), it was like only a week had passed. Join us - and Denice's pack of household pets - at the kitchen table for a conversation that is simultaneously light, educational, welcoming, and heartfelt.


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