Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Episode 025 - Mike Couchman

I was very pleased to welcome radio guru Mike Couchman to the Foot in the Door podcast. From Detroit to Las Vegas, hip hop to country, Mike's not only done it all, but he's done it all well.

I met Mike when I was working at Gotee Records as a radio promoter. Mike was one of the people on my list whom I would call each week and try to get to play the current singles the label was pushing. Mike was one of the names I was always happy to get to. He's a really cool guy to talk with and knows about more then just CCM (as you'll hear)

Mike's carved out for himself a really nice radio career and you can't listen to his life story and not see that it's obvious this is what he was meant to do. He has a real love for the craft of radio; not just for a specific format or genre but for, plain and simply, great radio.


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