Saturday, August 6, 2016

Episode 039 - Joel Quinones

Last week while I was in my local coffee shop (Square One Coffee in Lancaster PA), I struck up a conversation with Joel Quinones, General Manager and barista extraordinaire. I always enjoy the short time we get to chat when I stop in for my large latte (our conversations are often cut short because Square One tends to be quite busy and I'm super aware of not monopolizing his time) but this particular visit was different.

It was close to closing time and there weren't many people coming through, so we got to talk for a bit longer than usual. I was able to learn more about Joel than I had in the past and realized I wanted to continue the conversation outside of his work time. I wanted The Full Story. And I wanted to share it with you.

Fortunately for me - and, in turn, for you - Joel was willing to stop over at the house after one of his shifts and sit down for the conversation you can hear RIGHT HERE. Joel's been through a lot and I'd totally understand if he was a mean, bitter, angry guy. After hearing what he's experienced, I'd give him a free pass if that was the case.

But that's what makes Joel's story so inspiring.

He's not mean. He's not bitter. He's not angry. He's encouraging, understanding, and just wants people to be nice. His experience in the world of music and coffee - oh you knew I'd return to coffee again soon, didn't you? - has given him a solid foundation in business, yet the other hemisphere of his brain also gets to express itself through his love of the art of both worlds.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this conversation.


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