Saturday, October 1, 2016

Episode 041 - Dan Cummins

There's a saying...or a rule of thumb...or a mantra...I don't know what it is, to be honest. The gist of it is basically, "Don't meet your heroes because they'll let you down." 

We've all heard stories about people who  had a random run-in with someone they've looked up to and the person turned out to act differently than was expected. Why we continue to be surprised that a celebrity doesn't act as ecstatic to meet us as we are to meet them never fails to confound me, but that's a rant for another day. 

My point is, I had a conversation with Dan Cummins, a comedian whose work I've really admired for a few years now, and I walked away with an even greater admiration for the guy. He's a super-hard worker who has more than one pot cooking on the stovetop. Dan has a new album out this weekend, Don't Wake the Bear, and I fully expected our conversation to mostly cover comedy and the aforementioned project. Although we do get treated to a few behind-the-bits anecdotes (I'm still shocked at how much of his material is actually true and not just generated for the laugh), I had no idea what else Dan had going (perhaps a result of my minimal research)

Dan pulls back the curtain and lets us know what it's like to work as a host for a show on the Playboy Channel, being a writer (yes, a writer) for reality TV, and his comedian-bingo confession at a now-defunct Indiana comedy club. It's a great conversation with a really good guy that I think you'll enjoy. 

Listening to his new album isn't required but it is highly recommended, as is picking up all of his other albums. And his podcast, Timesuck. In fact, just go to Amazon, buy everything Dan Cummins-related, and thank me later. 


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