Saturday, November 5, 2016

Episode 042 - Emily Fertig

It's a weird time for Emily Fertig. To say she's currently in a period of transition would be a major understatement. After nearly 10 years of road life, she and her husband Nathan have recently announced their CCM band Shinebright is hanging up its cleats.*

What do you do when you're used to spending every waking - and sleeping - hour on the road? How do you go from a fast-paced, planned-out schedule to... not? How do you adjust to that? It has to be weird going from radio tours, live performances, and craft services to being at home with just your thoughts; aspirations you assumed were long-gone yet begin to whisper into your ear from beyond the Dream Grave.

That's where Emily was on the day we chatted. With their final farewell performance just a few weeks away, she's on the verge of change and she knows it. What kind of change will it be? Considering the butt-kicking she's gotten so far in 2016, it's understandable why she's trusting for a good one.

I love this chat with Professional Conversationalist Emily Fertig. It's a portrait of a person currently in a state of flux and refusing to let go of her faith. I'm hoping you walk away inspired and emboldened. I know I did.

*Sorry for the baseball imagery. I'm writing this on the afternoon of Game 7 of the World Series. Emily is rooting for the Indians, I'm pulling for the Cubbies, and things happen. What can I say?


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